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The Scope & Functions

The Islamia University of Bahawalpur is the first university in Pakistan to initiate a directorate with a principal focus  on promotion & growth of primarily Bahawalpur region as premier tourist destination and subsequently entire Pakistan by developing sustainable tourism programs through joint ventures, public-private partnerships, sponsors /donors, N.G.Os & government departments and hence apprising the world with a soft image of Pakistan and eventually bring international tourism back to Pakistan. At the same time also focus on responsible means for sustainable developments such as to ensure eco-friendly environment which would ensure community based packages to create livelihood for the local dwellers without any damage to the flora & fauna of the region.

IUB-DoST especially focuses on the revival & sustainability of ethnicity & morals of local culture. The local inhabitants are losing their identity & values to the internet & western media. The rich Bahawalpuri culture is required to promoted among local populous to create confidence among our masses to take pride in their affluent traditions.

This is being accomplished by creating healthy earning opportunities for within the industry for the natives.  The effort needs identification & participation of stakeholders willing to see the escalation of the region as potential destination for diverse tourism.

IUB-DoST has prepared a model to achieve international standards for international tourism to flourish in each respective region of the tourist destination. 

This framework with special focus on ecotourism to adopt international ruling to meet the international standards on each attribute for national & international adequacy. Any region in Pakistan can take up the framework to apply on their region to ensure maximum output of respective region with proper promotion and at the same time preserve regional traditions/culture & climatic conditions by positively following the developed framework. 

IUB-DoST is already promoting Bahawalpur as tourist destination and in the process involved many stakeholders of public & private sectors. 

We are seeking to revive Jashn-e-Rohi (annual festival that used to take place each year but has long stopped). 

Bahawalpur Winter Festival will revive Jashn-e-Rohi combining it Pakistan’s current Calendar Event i.e. Cholistan Jeep Rally and other local events i.e. Channar Pir Mela etc.  for national & international tourism. The festival will comprise of two weeks of festive extravaganza during the last week of February and first week of March each year.

IUB will engage other public & private organizations & sponsors in developing the mega-event. 

No paid workforce shall be required as the IUB students seeking growth in the field of tourism shall have the opportunity to show their potential. 

Some local brands have already started planning for the mega event as the Vice Chancellor announced the proposed date for the first event.

IUB-DoST is seeking to organize archeological, religious, city & safari  tours for potential local & international tourists which will include city tour, visit to palaces/forts and dessert safari deep in Cholistan Desert.

DoST Travel  & Tours’ promotes initially Bahawalpur region to facilitate national & international tourists in order to create profitable income opportunity for the the local inhabitants.

IUB students will have the practical opportunity to get involved in this business as in-service training and hence no workforce shall be required.

Some local tour operators are working with DoST to create attractive packages for launching locally and internationally. 

The sub-offices are in process of development in Europe, U.S, Middle East & Far East which will focus on promoting Pakistan as tourist destination.

IUB-DoST will obtain travel agency license to arrange airline ticketing for the expediency of potential tourists and will earn profitable opportunities for local operators to work closely with IUB on public/private basis.

The DSAs of major airlines shall be established within the existing setup.

No employees shall be required for the job tasks as the students of IUB’s Department of Tourism & Hotel Management shall be utilized to gain experience of the industry.

IUB-DoST also plans to obtain Tourist Guide Licensing Rights from Department of Tourist Services, Islamabad; to grant the status of Tourist Guide to prospective students of tourism & hospitality  for the purpose of exposure & experience. These students will accompany the tourist groups to demonstrate their professional skills.

IUB-DoST is in process of  obtaining license for opening new hotels & restaurants from Department of Tourist Services, Islamabad.

 ‘IUB-DoST Hospitality Consultants’ will enable the directorate to provide consultancy to the potential hoteliers/restaurateurs.

We provide guidelines to the consultancy seekers to create new businesses, upgrade existing businesses through professional consultation.

(IUB already has consultation infrastructure in form of Directorate of P & D, Directorate of Architecture, Department of Estate Care & Department of Tourism & Hospitality).

IUB-DoST is providing practical training to the students of Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management by developing international standard practical labs at the existing facilities of University Guest House, Foreign Faculty Hostel & Executive Hostel.

The facilities have been upgraded to facilitate the students to be prepared to be part of national and international skilled workforce.

Our trained students can work locally or go abroad to earn useful foreign exchange and contribute to National Income.

The Department of Tourism & Hospitality is already through its professional marketing campaign is  welcoming international students through direct admission and exchange programs with other worldwide hospitality trainers.

IUB-DoST  has developed Banqueting Department to arrange all functions of IUB and may also commercially manage functions as caterers. Outdoor catering and take away service has been introduced to provide top quality food from our mass production kitchen at Foreign Faculty Hostel. Food will be provided on subsidised rates on order initially for the faculty members during lunch time at Baghdad ul Jadeed Campus.

IUB-DoST will promote Bahawalpur handicraft Industry (pottery, dresses, khusa, camel skin products.

Handicraft & souvenirs display centers will be developed for the tourists. We are in process of   signing M.o.Us with small industries for mutual financial benefits.

Chapter Chairs are being established initially in Europe & U.S and eventually in entire world who will promote Pakistani products and tour packages and eventually promote soft image of Pakistan.

We have also created on-line sale-purchase center for national/ international ordering of our Cholistani products. This will enable extra income for locals  in form of sale of traditional products & souvenirs. Our chapter chairs will establish our sub-offices on voluntary basis and will promote our products.

IUB-DoST is in process of signing M.O.Us with Bahawalpur Museum, Bahawalpur Central Library, and Bahawalpur Zoo to facilitate our tourists to visit these places on special arrangement. 

IUB-DoST is in process of getting international accreditations by becoming an approved center of City & Guilds for Europe & South East Asia and (ACPHA) Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration for North America. This will create an international recognition and acceptance of our students.

IUB-DoST is upgrading its facilities in order to register with TEVTA, PSDF & NAVTTC to provide the local populous with free training in the field of tourism & hospitality and prepare technical workforce of local to earn a good livelihood. 

IUB-DoST encourages the creation of public-private partnerships to guarantee security & sustainability in tourist destinations. Training programs have been developed specifically for a public & private audience structured to encourage law enforcement authorities and other public officials to coordinate and cooperate with private sector working in tourism and recreational facilities. IUB will provide complete training in shortest possible time to convert raw talent into true professional individuals.

IUB-DoST will develop ‘Sustainable Heritage Endorsement Program’ to provide instruments to strengthen the effectiveness of heritage protection by facilitating to empower local task force & legal experts to develop legislation for conservation of cultural heritage. The stakeholders for this program shall be identified and involved. Furthermore the evaluation will be done for the potential use of fiscal incentives for the property owners to encourage voluntary conservation.

IUB-DoST will document and monitor a wide range of heritage resources through effective & adaptable registration process for the conservation and sustainability of heritage sites to serve as a model for development and improvement in preparedness by the concerned sector.

IUB-DoST will develop Regional Directory & Curricular Enhancement of Heritage Education to identify existing heritage programs and courses in the region, evaluate the main gaps in heritage curricula and demonstrate the process of developing courses to fill curricular gaps in collaboration with other universities.

IUB-DoST will create countrywide awareness programs to identify & define Pakistani Cuisine for national and international recognition. At the moment the Pakistani cuisine is bemused with Indian, Mughlai & Arabic cuisines.

IUB-DoST will also develop program to encourage food & beverages providers to prepare standard recipe for all foodstuff consumed in Pakistan. This issue has never been looked upon. The IUB students will be trained to create a standard taste in coordination with hotel & restaurant industry of Pakistan to develop & get recognized a standard recipe of each food item.

IUB-DoST will work closely with the Food Authorities to ensure implementation Standards of ISO 22000:2005 to ensure food safety in food industry.

IUB-DoST will manage all departmental group tours to ensure efficiency and quality tour arrangements.

IUB-DoST will sign M.O.Us with Pakistan Army to facilitate our tourists to visit Palaces on special arrangement for mutual earning from group tours.

IUB-DoST will sign M.O.U with Forestry & Wildlife Departments to have access to their parks, guesthouses, wild forest etc. to facilitate our tourists. This will produce potential earnings for both the parties.

Model for the Protection & Promoting of Tangible & Intangible Heritage

IUB-DoST will involve its Advisory Committee to use their influence in the industry to implement a new model to help develop viable and responsible heritage tourism economy throughout Pakistan. The focus shall be on encouraging the protection and promotion of tangible and intangible heritage among the social order that receive direct benefits from regional tourism industry. Our students will have great opportunity to play a role in this development.

IUB-DoST will develop Regional Directory & Curricular Enhancement of Heritage Education to identify existing heritage programs and courses in the region, evaluate the main gaps in heritage curricula and demonstrate the process of developing courses to fill curricular gaps in collaboration with other universities.

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