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The Division of Bahawalpur (formerly the Princely State of India) is rich in culture & heritage dating back to 325 BC. It has an enormous potential for augmentation of tourism due to its natural scenery and archeological heritage.  A large number of groups visit Cholistan Desert, Bahawalpur’s forts and palaces. The proper infrastructure might still be lacking as the nearest hotel congregating international standards is in Multan where most of the International tourists prefer to stay as their base.  Despite the above fact, Bahawalpur has grown in stature as the most peaceful city of the country that offers to be a potential business centre and perfect holiday spot for natural adventure & safari during winters. 

The private sector has also felt the need of building accommodation of international eminence in Bahawalpur region as, major hotel chains of Pakistan are working on the feasibility to build on the infrastructure.  The eating habits of the people of Bahawalpur are changing to a greater extent people prefer to dine out in restaurants. This has resulted in more and more restaurants of International standard opening up.

Engr. Prof Dr. Athar Mahboob, Ex. Vice Chancellor IUB has sensed the need of awareness of the locals of Bahawalpur and it’s vicinity to study this subject to fill up the potential vacancies in the field of hotels, restaurants and tourism as the industry steps feet in the region. 

IUB’s Directorate of Sustainable Tourism is a commitment towards making a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate future employment for local people. The target of sustainable tourism is to ensure sustainable development in eco-tourism based on the focus on local people.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization has defined sustainable tourism as the one that meets or exceeds the need for present tourists and host region while protecting and enhancing opportunity for future.

Development of sustainable tourism is basically emergence a culture that emphasizes on all tourism activities which may include hospitality sector as a component. However, the purpose of creating IUB-DoST is to integrate all aspects of tourism & hospitality development and management rather than being an add-on component. The objective is to retain the economic & social advantages of tourism & hospitality while reducing any undesirable impacts on natural, historic, cultural or social environment.    

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